Welcome to Waterco Advance

At Waterco, we continuously pursue reliable solutions for healthy, safe water environments. We believe that a key to achieving sustainable success is the application of communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement within our business.

Through Waterco Advance, we seek to contribute to the overall improvement of the industry and our business by providing award winning training to our staff and customers. This site is dedicated to providing interactive, intuitive, and relevant training and resources. For this reason, learners, customers, and managers at all levels are encouraged to use the many feedback functions to communicate feedback, and recommendations so that we can ensure learner needs are met. 

Each course and training module will help you gain a better understanding of Waterco products, and their applications. 

If you are not currently a Waterco customer nor an authorised user of this training website, please apply using the register form.

Only authorised users approved by Waterco can access this site.

Once you have commenced your training program, any completed pages can be viewed at a later date. Please use them as a reference and feel free to undertake any training modules again to refresh your knowledge.




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